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ZBasic Generic Target License
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The ZBasic compiler available free on the Downloads Page can compile your application to executable code for a ZX device - no special license is required for that. With a Generic Target license installed, the ZBasic compiler can also compile your application to native executable code for a generic target device. The list of supported generic target devices currently includes over 100 different Atmel AVR chips in the ATtiny, ATmega and ATxmega families.

Note that not all available Atmel AVR parts are supported (a complete list is given in Appendix B of the ZBasic Language Reference Manual). In general, an AVR part must meet the following minimum resource requirements to be supported:

  • at least 2K bytes of Flash memory
  • at least 128 bytes of RAM
  • at least one 16-bit timer plus an additional 8-bit or 16-bit timer
The functionality available in your application depends on the capabilities of the chosen target device. For example, some AVR chips have only one 8-bit timer and can therefore support an application that uses either the Real Time Clock or the software UART functionality but not both. As another example, a particular AVR chip may support only 16-bit PWM, only 8-bit PWM or both.

When you purchase a ZBasic Generic Target License we will send you the license as an email attachment shortly after the order process is completed and payment is received. The license is assigned to a specific individual and may be installed on one or more computers for that individual's sole use (see the license terms). A free time-limited evaluation license is available.

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