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ZBasic Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Advanced Code Editing

In addition to elementary editing capabilities, the ZBasic IDE offers advanced code editing features like undo/redo, syntax highlighting, automatic indenting, code completion, call tips, expand/collapse blocks, etc. The ZBasic compiler can even generate call tip data for your project to be used by the IDE. This allows you to have call tip assistance for your project's routines.

The IDE is based on the open source code editing utility called SciTE. Special project-oriented capabilities have been added to facilitate working with your ZBasic projects including the ability to compile the project and download the program into the target ZX microcontroller. Also, a "debug window" has been added in which you can view data output by your ZBasic program running on the ZX microcontroller. Characters typed in the debug window are sent to the ZX as serial input data. Essentially, the debug window is a simple virtual terminal connected to the ZX. The IDE is currently available only as a Windows executable, running on Windows 2000, Windows XP or later versions. This large-format screen shot illustrates several of the IDE features. Because the image's size, you may need to zoom in to get good resolution. Note, particularly, the call tip being displayed for the user-defined subroutine.

Online Documentation and Installer

The online ZBasic Language Reference Manual contains a section documenting the IDE operation including a keystroke command overview. Also, visit the Downloads Page to get the installer, PDF-format documentation and other free downloads.
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