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Project Showcase: Mahjong calculator

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Posted: 14 October 2016, 20:04 PM    Post subject: Project Showcase: Mahjong calculator Reply with quote

The popular Mahjong game (4 players using ivory bricks) uses a points reckoning system that balances the individuals' scores in a certain way so that the net result always equals zero. This process is rather tedious and therefore a good candidate for automation. My oldest son and I undertook the project of implementing such a calculator in ZBasic hardware using a ZX328L and a simple matrix keyboard and an LCD display. Attached below are:
1. A picture of the calculator in the game setting
2. The circuit diagram
3. The ZBasic project file

The project is a nice example of the flexibility and power of the ZBasic platform, as shown for example by:
- The use of the FirstTime command to show a welcome text only a few times (a concise and cleaned-up version is shown in
- The use of the AN105 code for interfacing the matrix keyboard, providing for a very fluid behavior of the keyboard in practice.
- Object-oriented programming as a useful way to easily include functionality (for example: LCD display routines are used through the mix-in concept).

Posted in support of the continued liveliness of the ZBasic platform & forum ...

Best regards,
The project code

 Filesize:  7.96 KB
 Downloaded:  80 Time(s)

The electronic circuit diagram

 Filename:  MahYongCircuit.JPG
 Filesize:  104.09 KB
 Downloaded:  74 Time(s)

Mahyong points calculator 2.jpg
The calculator in physical form

 Filename:  Mahyong points calculator 2.jpg
 Filesize:  211.36 KB
 Downloaded:  80 Time(s)

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