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Makeboot Path Issue?

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Posted: 22 March 2017, 4:17 AM    Post subject: Makeboot Path Issue? Reply with quote

I'm trying to build a ZB bootloader image for an ATmega1284p running at 7.37 MHz. I'm using the current compiler, IDE, libraries, etc. (via the v4.3.14 installer), running on a Win7-64 machine.

Per section 5.4 of the Language Reference, I copied the "Zboot" sub-directory to a location outside the "Program Files(x86)" system directory where the installer had placed it, and modified the makeboot.bat file per the device type and CPU clock frequency.

But when I attempt to run makeboot.bat, the command window displays the "make is not recognized as an internal or external command…" error.

I'm not at all familiar with batch files or path variables, but it seems to me that makeboot.bat is looking for make.exe in "ZBasic\avr-GCC" (per the ZBasic HKLM registry entry for avr-GCCPath), whereas make.exe is actually located in "ZBasic\utils\bin". Is that where it should be, and if so, what else could be causing the problem?

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